Services Include:
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Marital, Relationship and Family Therapy and Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week Emergency Crisis Intervention Services
  • Rebuilding Therapy
  • Psychological Trauma Services
  • Domestic Violence Therapy and Counseling
  • Anger Management Training
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services
  • Parenting Education
  • Parenting Education Specifically for Separated or Divorced Parents
  • Therapy and Counseling for Separated or Divorced Couples and Families
  • Psychodrama and Role Training
  • Emotional Wellness Education
  • Sports Psychology Services
  • Building Your Potential Growth Workshops
  • Support Groups
  • Consultation
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Bilingual Spanish Speaking Services
Rebuilding Therapy
In addition to assisting persons to improve their coping, problem solving and relationship skills and to develop their potential persons as needed, are assisted to rebuild from current and past experiences and problems to more effectively function individually in the family unit and in other areas.

Psychological Trauma Services
Assists persons to rebuild from and to cope more effectively with traumatic experiences such as molestation, rape, physical and/or emotional abuse, battle trauma, natural disasters, terrorism, the death or illness of a loved one, terminal illness, divorce or separation, job loss, and automobile or other injuries. Services are provided to persons experiencing post-traumatic stress.

Rebuilding Family Therapy and Counseling
The family is given the opportunity to rebuild from its conflict and dysfunction.  Active approaches are used to assist family members, when needed, to face and rebuild from past mistreatment and negative experiences to improve their functioning individually and in the family unit.  Family members are taught to improve their communication, empathy and relationship skills.  Role training and active practice are provided.

Short Term Therapy and Counseling
Active short term agreements are set up for a specific number of sessions with specific goals to resolve specific problems. If additional sessions are needed, another time limited therapeutic agreement is developed.  Therapy doesn’t need to be time limited if not therapeutic and needed.  Longer term therapy is provided as needed.

Building Your Potential Growth Workshops
Combining, messages and influences from upbringing and the past and power positive motivational thinking, persons, in a stimulating and supportive group setting, are taught to further achieve their potential in various aspects of their lives.

Sports Psychology Services
Services provided to athletes and sports teams include performance building,  resolving emotional, marital, relationship and/or family problems impairing performance, conflict resolution and team building services.

Services to Business and Industry
Services provided include conflict resolution, team building, building employee potential and building leadership management strategies.

Psychiatric Services
We have a panel of psychiatrists providing psychiatric evaluation, psychiatric medication management and psychiatric services.
* Depression
* Anxiety-Stress
* Phobic-Panic Reactions
* Psychosomatic Problems
* Bipolar Problems
* Personality Disorders
* Behavioral Problems
* School and Learning Problems
* Marital Problems
* Relationship Problems
* Parent-child Problems
* Family Problems
* Victimization and Domestic Violence
* Acute Stress
* Post Traumatic Stress
* Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse
* Eating Disorders and Problems
* Alcohol and Substance Abuse
* Co-dependency
* Sexual Addiction
* Gambling Addiction
* Other Psychological Addictions
* Work-Related Problems
* Company-Corporation Related Problems
* Athlete/Team-Sports Psychology Problems
* Adjustment Problems
* Other Psychological and Mental Health Problems

The Rebuilding Therapy Center provides comprehensive psychological and chemical dependency services, including cognitive behavioral therapy and other approaches in an active and growth producing way. Additionally, the Rebuilding Therapy Center provides uncovering and reconstructive therapy which provides a person the opportunity to actively heal and rebuild oneself from the psychological damage created by upbringing, traumatic, or other negative experiences.  This is accomplished by providing the person an opportunity to address and face again the problem causing experiences one at a time and the feelings, thinking, beliefs and decisions associated with these experiences which have adversely affected a person's life.  As one is facing one experience he or she is facing other experiences.  In doing so, the person has the opportunity to release and cleanse him or her self of sadness, hurt, anger, guilt, fear and/or other feelings associated with one's experiences.  As this is occurring the person is invited to reevaluate his or her thinking, feelings, beliefs and decisions related to one's experiences and then changing his or her thinking, feelings, beliefs and decisions in a positive and healthy way.  As this occurs the person is positioning him or herself to see oneself and the world in a more hopeful and confident way, to live more productively and meaningfully and to relate to others more positively.

A number of insurance plans are accepted.  Individual payment arrangements can be made relative to one’s financial situation. 
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